139th Karreni National Day

Mu Hpare had attended the 139th Karreni National Day in Des Moines, IA in 2014 where she had volunteered to perform a Cultural Dance for all the visitors. The Karreni National Day is an annual celebration showcasing the Karreni State’s Independence in Myanmar. The Karreni and Kayan Cultures tend to celebrate together. Both are Hill Tribes of Myanmar with some Cultural Similarities but also Cultural and Language differences. The National Day will travel from city to city in the United States annually where the most concentrated Karreni populations are present. Mu Hpare, CEO of Song Birds International, LLC, is one of the very few people that can Interpret or Translate the Karenni Language, and still fewer to have the Cultural component intact. Many of the younger generation that have been fortunate enough to mature in the United States and were granted the luxury of school have unfortunately lost the ability to retain their Culture and have difficulty fully understanding how to Interpret or Translate the information. Song Birds International can help you communicate effectively with Tribal Immigrants where that Cultural Component is desperately needed.

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Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy Cultural Awareness Event

Mu Hpare had attended the Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy Cultural Awareness (EMBARC) Event in 2014 where she had performed Traditional Kayan Cultural Singing and Dancing. The Event showcased the Organization’s continued support of the Iowan Myanmar (Burmese) Immigrant, typically Refugees. Mu Hpare was a Refugee from Myanmar after having fled a war-torn country as a child to Thailand.

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MU and The Vanishing World Documentary

MU and the Vanishing World is a Movie Teaser about a documentary that started in 2008 following her life as a Myanmar Refugee to date. Production by Jessica W. Leung & Paco Beltran should be completed within the near future.

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Wat Lao Buddhavath Temple Fundraising Event

Mu Hpare had attended the Wat Lao Buddhavath Temple
Fundraising Event on June 16th, 2017 at 1804 E Park Ave, Des Moines, IA 50320. The Temple holds an annual Fund-Raising event that is open to anyone in the community. The Event features Lao Ethnic Foods, Dancing, and Cultural experience. The people were very friendly and accepting of all cultures.

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